Acácio Cruz

SRE Manager 2007-2016 – GMail, Apps, Social, …
SWE Manager/Director – Load-shedding & Traffic Management team – 2009-current
SWE Director – Frameworks and Software Infrastructure – 2016-current (incl. a Micro-services platform)

Managing a Fleet of Microservices

When managing a large number of micro-services, there is the problem of creating a manageable view of the system, a meaningful way of monitoring and alerting, and a way to troubleshoot & debug the “fleet” of micro-services.
From service description, service monitoring, service deployment, service troubleshooting, etc…. All these areas are impacted by the disaggregation of a monolith into potentially hundreds of micro-services.
What these areas of work are and how to deal with some of them and where there are still concepts and tools to be developed to manage them.