Ademar Aguiar

Ademar is a pragmatic software engineer, training software engineering, agile methods, and software design at Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, researching at INESC TEC. Ademar Aguiar was an early adopter of agile, back in 2000, and since then has been training others to fine-tune their processes, in academy and industry. Ademar started the Agile Portugal conference and related events to develop the community in Portugal. Since 2010, Ademar has been working at ScrumPLoP’s, helping to identify and document existing practices of Scrum, to uncover the “why’s” and “how’s” of successfully adopting and implementing Scrum. Ademar is a co-founder of tech ventures, founder of Coding for Social Impact Labs, board member of Hillside Group, former member of WikiSym steering committee, member of <Programming> steering committee, and organiser of upcoming XP 2018.

Workshop: Scrum Patterns: a guided tour

Starting from “The Mist”, we will do a guided tour through several practices of Scrum being documented by the ScrumPLoP community in the form of patterns. The workshop is highly adaptable to the specificities of the participants, but usually starts with an extremely quick overview of the notion of patterns and the essentials of Scrum, and then visits several Scrum Patterns, highlighting recurring problems and solutions, as well as their applicability and rational. At the end, it will be easier for participants to “see” how to go from “the mist” to “good products” and “self-managed teams”, following the “spirit of Scrum”.