António Arrais Castro

Antonio is a technology addict and an enthusiastic manager. He is currently CTO at EdirectInsure, betting on redefining the online insurance scene in Asia.

Previously Antonio was Glasses Group Global’s CTO, supervising the development of a global glasses marketplace; Jumia’s CTO @ Africa Internet Group | Rocket Internet, supervising the development the largest eCommerce platform for Africa and Middle East; CTO @ UNEDGED, supervising the development of innovative interactive software.

Antonio has extensive management and technical experience. He holds a PhD in Production and Systems Engineering, owns a PMP Certification, issued by the Project Management Institute, and he is a certified Prince2 Practitioner, by APMG International. He is also a Certified Product Owner and a Certified Scrum Master, by the Scrum Alliance.

Management in an Agile Environment

Implementing Agile is frequently a key challenge for most organizations, since it implies promoting an aligned mindset that spawns across several layers of the company. This talk addresses one of the key management challenges for implementing Agile: creating and feeding a healthy (and agile) engineering culture.

Key topics:

  • Agile anti-patterns and management responsibility.
  • Leadership and agility
  • Management 3.0
  • Engineering culture
  • Topics