Carlos Palminha

Experienced manager of software, technology and innovation projects, teams and organizations. With more than 15 years deploying, leading and managing innovative and agile mindsets, he loves to flourish, refactor and lead projects and organizations in the adoption of methodologies, agility and innovation.

In his willingness to disseminate Software, Product and Innovation leadership, he truly believes that the agile values and mindset adopted by the engineer culture are the major factor to bring together and fill the gap between business and technology.

From projects to product: Tales from an agile transformation

How to transform a software team from waterfall projects to agile product? This is a first person tale about the endeavour of an agile productification.

Long Synopsis
In the beginning there was a classical project company, big telecom projects, gantt plans, breakdown structures, requirements lists, traceability matrixes, etc… Software maintenance was getting more expensive, more complex, with developers trying to survive in a spaghetti development reality.

How we can move forward with a product vision in this organization? How to create a product mentality and put in place Agile right in the middle of the projects organization? Some software intrapreneurs decided to eat the system from inside… a silent transformation, a white revolution… an Agile productification. This session is a first person tale about such game changer.

Observations / Key Takeaways:
The story will present a first person tale and experience of an agile productification endeavor, evangelizing teams into agile principles, putting them collaborating, engaging the product vision, how scrum ceremonies were put in place. Challenges of introducing agile in a classical project organization where projects and waterfall were the status quo.
All this and how at the end scrum was allowed to exist, how scrum proved for himself and how the major success was achieved: the creation of the software products area with a new product director role sitting at the board of administration!