Cornelius Engelbrecht

Agile practitioner/change agent and gadgeteer
My passion is helping people, teams and organisations foster a culture of continuous improvement where experimenting and embracing change becomes part of their DNA.
I started my career 19 years ago as IT engineer, after some years I flipped over to the dark side namely software development, which led to my discovery of Agile – it was as if a light was turned on and I’ve found my purpose. I’m fascinated by the ingenuity and curiosity of people when it comes to experimenting with finding new ways of doing things.
Startup vs Enterprise Estimations – Two warriors with swords!

Nowadays there is allot of different opinions and discussion if we should use estimation or not.
This talk is intended to share with everyone some past experiences that happens during my day to day work as well as my thoughts.
Before taking any decisions is important to understand both sides before join this battle with your decision made.
We need to have a good understanding about No Estimations and Estimations in different business realities and what benefits or impacts can bring.
The name of this talk “Startup vs Enterprise Estimations – Two warriors with swords!” appear during a friendly discussion from many that I have with my dear colleague Cornelius Engelbrecht.

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Startup vs Enterprise Estimations – Two warriors with swords!