Cristiano Cunha

Cristiano Cunha is the Automation Team Manager in Farfetch, he is passionate about testing, automation and delivery process improvement. He started his career as a developer and evolved to be a tester, now working for over 7 years in the test area.

His career path having been on both sides of the trenches provided him with a unique view of process and the challenges it puts forward. Having worked in start-ups as well as in multinational corporations, he has closely followed the delivery process evolution and the growing importance of test automation within this process.

Testing challenges in a Continuous Delivery world

The test evolution we undergo to support Continuous Delivery, bit by bit we tackle the challenges ahead and came up with strategies to support our way of delivering with quality.

I want to share the test automation evolution and infrastructure we develop to support a continuous delivery strategy, in a fast paced company, growing 100% per year, where we want quick feedbacks and visibility over all the company.

What it means for the test automation strategy when the development teams face the challenges of shifting from monolithic applications to a services architecture while wanting to delivery faster and faster.

If you are searching for inspiration come and check our story.