Daniel Fonseca

Daniel Fonseca is an Automation Lead Engineer at Rackspace, a new Role created within the company that further highlights the importance of automation within the business. He had been a Lead Engineer for 2 years and was awarded Best Newcomer of the Year 2015 for having created, in his spare time, a PowerShell tool called “Visionaire” that builds a Visio Network Diagram of any customer’s infrastructure.

With 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, having moved from Portugal to the UK is what he considers his best career decision to date.

Public speaking and learning from shared experiences with wide audiences are key drivers in his life.

General sports enthusiast and music lover, he is a particularly keen cyclist and bike evangelist.

Automate yourself out of a job!

The title is borrowed from a sentence in Google’s already seminal “SRE” book and pretty much summarises the main topic of this talk.

The author changed his role from Lead Engineer to Automation Lead Engineer fairly recently and will take you with him on his journey: the challenges, the pitfalls and of course, the (expected) glory!

Automation is playing a key role in today’s industry standards and the emphasis the business is giving it is everyday more and more important due to the cost savings it provides, best practices it entails and general improvement in the quality of any product or service.

This talk aims at providing you with the critical thinking on how investing in automation, agile practices and lean methodologies not only makes sense, but is also financially recommended.