Eduardo Piairo

Deployment pipeline craftsman always ready to learn new ways to implement Source Control, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for applications, databases and infrastructure.
Operations engineer/DevOps Agent with automation, collaboration and communication as priorities.
Database administrator with special interest in database changes and data modeling. Recent test enthusiast, integration tests and test automation for applications and infrastructure.
The deployment pipeline it’s my favorite cultural tool. My mission is to relieve the delivery pain inflicted by the agile process, in other words, try to achieve the balance between business and business materialization.

Workshop: Scrum, Complexity and Kaizen – Let’s Play LEGO®

# Synopsis:
Do you think you know Agile? How about Scrum? And DevOps?

# Long Synopsys:
Come play with us, learn and grow your knowledge about what really means Agile, Scrum and DevOps with this unforgettable LEGO® workshop!

In a just a single day of simulated practice, you will:
– Learn the real meaning behind the 4 Agile Values
– Deeply understand the roles, events and artifacts of Scrum!
– Understand the power of Systems Thinking, Feedback amplification and Continuous Learning.
– Establish the relationship between Scrum and DevOps.

# Learning objectives:
Your main takeaways from this session will be:
– The meaning behind all 4 Agile Values.
– The basics of all Scrum values, roles, events and artifacts.
– The basics about the 3 Ways of DevOps.
– How to visualise and measure a Value Stream.
– The basics about Theory of Constraints.
– The meaning of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen).

# Target Audience:
Everyone that wants to have fun and learn 🙂