Eduardo Ribeiro

Eduardo Ribeiro is an Agile Coach, Blogger and a previous Agile Project Manager.

He currently leads the International Continuous Improvement Team from Paddy Power Betfair that is distributed across 4 locations (Ireland, Portugal, Romania and United Kingdom).
The team objective and focus is to drive high performance to maximise capability and deliver pace by identifying improvement opportunities, coaching, mentoring and training both teams and individuals. Nevertheless, continue to cultivate and improve the culture of continuous improvement.

Author of the Beyond Lean Agile Blog and Co-Funder of Lean Coffee Portugal Community.

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Startup vs Enterprise Estimations – Two warriors with swords!

Nowadays there is allot of different opinions and discussion if we should use estimation or not.
This talk is intended to share with everyone some past experiences that happens during my day to day work as well as my thoughts.
Before taking any decisions is important to understand both sides before join this battle with your decision made.
We need to have a good understanding about No Estimations and Estimations in different business realities and what benefits or impacts can bring.
The name of this talk “Startup vs Enterprise Estimations – Two warriors with swords!” appear during a friendly discussion from many that I have with my dear colleague Cornelius Engelbrecht.

For more information please use the following link:
Startup vs Enterprise Estimations – Two warriors with swords!