Filipa Veiga Tavares

Filipa Veiga Tavares is a Designer (Master Degree), working as Scrum Master and UX Designer (Product Strategist) at Bi-Bright since 2014. Previously, she worked as UX and UI Designer, Visual Designer, Teacher and Trainer, Communication Designer and Fashion Designer.

She is an Agile enthusiast, passionate about people, their synergy, behaviours, potential and motivations.

In the last four years, she has been studying and adopting approaches such as Agile, Lean UX and Design Thinking, Motivation and Team Management, Human-Centered Design, UX Strategy, innovative Design processes.

For her, the triangulation “Agile, Lean UX, Design Thinking” is the key to develop simple and innovative digital products and/or services that people (want to) use.

Feedback canvas: how and why should we use it?

Feedback canvas, introduced by Haddad in 2013, is a promising tool for enhancing organization and quality of feedback in a wide range of scenarios. This communication is focused on what this tool is and some case studies where there are evidences of the usefulness and richness of this tool.