Janne Sinivirta

Janne Sinivirta is an agile coach and software development process specialist, software architect, programming language nerd, fitness enthusiast and a proud father of two. He works as Development Director at Unity Technologies. With 18 years in the software industry, he has built and led teams, been responsible for architectural design and software development in business management, healthcare, telecomm, media, interactive television, mobile entertainment and other IT industries. Janne also runs an indie game studio, spending much of his free time developing mobile games.

Flow and Experimentation: How Unity Ads Grows Software

Unity Ads has grown quickly from a small startup to over hundred people. Our advertisement SDK is found in half of the world’s mobile phones and digital advertising is a rapidly changing industry. So our challenge is to provide high quality software at large scale with constantly updating requirements. And to do this predictably and while still having fun.

Come and see how we do this. Learn real world experiences on using data-driven experimentation, pull-based flow, continuous deployment, value stream mapping and replacing backlogs with short buffers.