João Gama

Joao has helped dozens of organizations manage their transformational efforts in multiple industries. Working with individuals, teams and enterprises he helps identify and understand reactive human behavior, their consequences and the potential alternatives. He is among the top most active and highest ranked Lean Change Facilitators worldwide, has been a lecturer at the laSalle Business School (Barcelona) in Cultural Transformation for the past 5 years. An MBA graduate from Babson University with 20+ years of industry experience, Joao is a certified facilitator of Lean Change, Management 3.0, Coaching from the back of the room, Innovation Games, and Lego Serious Play.

Lean Change Management

Innovative practices to create alignment, manage impediments, and facilitate agile transformation beyond the team. This talk will distill ideas from various disciplines to support individuals in developing their own approach for managing change – within a team or throughout an organization. Lean Change Management is the practice of applying lean and agile concepts to the transformation efforts, including the implementation or scaling of agile methodologies.

This talk is based on the concepts portrayed by Jason Little in the book “Lean Change Management”. I am a certified Lean Change Agent (the certification on the Lean Change method) and will review the key foundation concepts in the time allotted. You can read more about the Lean Change Management concept at, or in the book published under Happy Melly.