João Mota

After 17 years in the construction engineering market, I’ve decided to take a leap into the software development industry, which I’ve always been passionate about, since an early age. Grabbing hold of an excellent opportunity to bring on-board years of international business development experience, I’ve joined VOID Software, where I have been happily pursuing new ventures and growth strategies, engaging in contract and project management, and generally participating in the everyday activities of an agile and exciting company that is poised for great achievements!

After many years dealing with the pitfalls and constraints of traditional project management, the shift into an agile mindset brought by this new professional adventure has been an inspiring one, that opened up seemingly limitless opportunities. However, such a shift, regardless of its attractiveness, is not so easily sold to external stakeholders that have have the force of old habits carving deep into their DNA. My challenge has been to evangelize prospects into this new approach, and to lay down foundations for successful projects and lifelong relationships that can stand the test of time that any custom software development project must withstand.

Selling Agile

Agile approaches to software development are quickly gaining a large fanbase – they increase project success, motivate teams promote excellence. However, translating that into a paying contract is a whole different matter.

The people tasked with negotiating contracts anywhere in the world spent most of their careers focused on budget, scope & time – and avoiding like the plague any candidates to their supply chain that dare ask any one of those variables to be left “open-ended” – regardless of the fact that software development is itself “open-ended” by nature.

So Waterfall doesn’t favour modern software development and the creation of disruptive products – but it seems to favour sales!

Throughout this presentation I will try to provide some insights on how we can work with these variables to navigate around the very present obstacles to selling Agile projects.