Luís Simões

Luís Simões is passionate about facilitating learning, people development and human interactions. His purpose is to inspire people to live meaningful lives and careers.

During the last years as a consultant for many organisations, Luís has developed the desire to understand how to bring people and teams from good to great, with a background on engineering acts with a practical approach to training, coaching and change based on the principles of design thinking.

Founded his last project LemonWorks with the purpose of help organisations to transform their workplaces into great places to work where people feel engaged and meaningful.

Building a Super Team

What does it take to have a high performing and autonomous team?

We do understand that relationships can be very important when working in a group, but how can we move from a group of people working together to a super team?

The idea of this talk is to both tackle the science and investigation of what makes a great team but also to give lots of examples on exercises and practices that anyone can implement.

The main purpose is a call to action for everyone, to inspire them to have the role of team building facilitator.