Lukasz Olczyk

Business consultant, coach, and trainer, with over a decade of experience in IT management. Worked with teams and individuals across several organizations, industries, and cultures, helping them take advantage of latest developments in approaches and methodologies. Then, following in-depth exposure with marketing and sales teams, he learned to find the way to deliver value on every step along the pipeline.

He favors application of lean principles to blind following of common sense approaches. Regularly shares his knowledge on his blog,
As a passionate petrol-head, he believes jogging to be reserved for lunatics only – which explains why you can see him jogging several early mornings each week.

Beyond Development

The usual approach to agile transformations follows one classical scheme. It’s all about application of mechanics of some framework or methodology to the development teams. If they’re lucky, some shot of proper value-aimed mindset might be inspired as well. If done correctly, months later one can observe a group of teams working in a beautifully crafted agile manner. And yet, somehow, the business in these companies is usually quite rocky. Even more – the shareholders notice that the return on their investment in agile is dubious at best. And they may actually be right, which I will cover in my presentation. Along with some field tested tips on how to avoid the inevitable.

Workshop: Sales – the Agile Way

How to deconstruct client’s requirements, recompose them and prepare a winning response. Workshop will enable its participants to provide business value even before actual development work begins. As an outcome, a trusting and transparent relationship with the client can be created.

There are a lot of proven examples on how to create software the Agile way. With numerous frameworks, several tips and tricks, and dozens of good practices – the only problem is choosing the one to use. But delivering product is only one piece of a puzzle. There’s the engagement, when we first learn of what our clients want. From there, we can go multiple ways. We can provide them with the solution, just as they want it, using our framework of choice. That’s the easiest way, which does it job for most of the time. But we can also approach the issue differently. We can provide value even before the actual software development starts. It is possible to decompose what client wants into what they really need. Then, together, you can work to find a better, more seamless, and efficient way to get there. With unparalleled transparency like this, you can create a bond, built on transparency, mutual understanding, and trust.

Delivering projects is long gone. Developing products is a better solution. Creating a long-lasting relationship is worth all the gold in the world.