Mike Sousa

I adopted, since earlier ages, technology as a way of life; starting as a developer allowed me to go through all stages and levels of software development!

One of my main objectives is transforming Software Engineering into an Art, embracing Agile as a way of Life!

With the focus on improving the current state of software engineering, from a purely traditional and old-style manner onto a truly efficient and human vision way how software should be created, I joined Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the US to get my Master in Software Engineering to deep my knowledge and be able to shift my mind set into the ‘next level’ of software engineering.

“Lead by example!” – Main objective: allow each team member to perform his/her best, grow as a person and a professional, contribute to quality delivers, and have lots of fun while doing it!

MasterChef Agile Mindset: five secrets not to forget!

Do you know MasterChef? And do you know you can learn “Agile” with them?
When seeing MasterChef I realized that they already have the right mindset to be Agile. Being Agile is much more than just reading a book and apply some rules or just follow some guidelines.
To be Agile is to have the right mindset, it is a way of thinking about how to solve problems.
By embracing these five secrets you can start your journey into the Agile sunset knowing you are heading the right direction.