Nuno Rafael Gomes

Nuno’s lighthouse, borrowed and adapted from John Maxwell:

“Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.”

Discover market opportunities, frame and solve problems, build an organization and its business, and delight customers is hard. But even harder is the journey to unlock your inner self.

Your perceptions and internal belief system shape the reality you sense, keeping you alive but blind most of the time. Very often, you must unlearn what you have learned at school and from your past experiences.

In life, to create your own value and uncover your mantra, you must reinterpret yourself and build your own learning path.

Nuno’s self-discovery journey throughout the years connects Agile, Systems and Lean thinking, Kaizen philosophy, Complex Adaptive Systems, and the invisible power of Scrum.

With almost 20 years’ experience playing and learning with different people, teams, and business challenges, Nuno currently works as an independent Lean Agile Coach helping People to achieve their potential, Teams to perform better and Organizations to be nimble.

Nuno is also the founder of Agile Connect®, a platform that encourages and supports the widespread adoption of effective Lean & Agile thinking and practices, and the editor of Serious Learning, an online publication devoted to Lean, Agile, Active Learning, Training & Development and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

Agile-based Active Learning

# Synopsis:

Can we “equip” our children with the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century?

# Long Synopsys:

Back in 2014, a Portuguese Private College posed itself the following questions:
– Are we successfully preparing our students for the increasing 21st century demands of life and career?
– Are our educators successfully addressing the unique and diverse needs of the 21st century children?
– How can we all improve even further the quality of our Education offer (*)?

The school ran its first Active Learning experiences between 2014 and 2016, and in 2016 it decided to start Agile-based Active Learning classes using eduScrum, with the following goals in mind:
– Shift the responsibility of learning to students.
– Use knowledge acquisition to develop social skills.
– Better prepare students for an increasing VUCA world.
– Teach students how to learn, in collaboration with their peers.

Note (*): This College is consistently one of the top 10 performing Secondary Schools in Portugal.

# Learning objectives:

Your main takeaways from this session will be:
– Why embrace and what is Active Learning?
– How Active Learning correlates with Agile and Scrum/eduScrum?
– What are the main challenges related with Active Learning?
– How Agile, Scrum/eduScrum and Cynefin can address some of them?
– Other systemic challenges and emergent solutions/practices.

Workshop: Scrum, Complexity and Kaizen – Let’s Play LEGO®

# Synopsis:
Do you think you know Agile? How about Scrum? And DevOps?

# Long Synopsys:
Come play with us, learn and grow your knowledge about what really means Agile, Scrum and DevOps with this unforgettable LEGO® workshop!

In a just a single day of simulated practice, you will:
– Learn the real meaning behind the 4 Agile Values
– Deeply understand the roles, events and artifacts of Scrum!
– Understand the power of Systems Thinking, Feedback amplification and Continuous Learning.
– Establish the relationship between Scrum and DevOps.

# Learning objectives:
Your main takeaways from this session will be:
– The meaning behind all 4 Agile Values.
– The basics of all Scrum values, roles, events and artifacts.
– The basics about the 3 Ways of DevOps.
– How to visualise and measure a Value Stream.
– The basics about Theory of Constraints.
– The meaning of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen).

# Target Audience:
Everyone that wants to have fun and learn 🙂