Ricardo Fernandes

Who am I?
I live In Aveiro (one of the best cities to live in Portugal). I´m a father of two beautiful children and married to a patient woman.
Agile appeared on my life some year ago. Since then, I think that I can´t stop working on agile.
My main goal is to continue to grow as a person and professional. I invest my time learning every day, hour, minutes and seconds.
I’m a person that loves good challenges, it is an excellent opportunity to increase the knowledge. I’m a team worker, that enjoys the interaction between persons and teams.
I believe that happiness in work is the future, that’s why I try every day to spread happiness at work.

Now the professional point of view… I have a degree in “Mathematics Applied and Computing” and a Master degree in “Artificial Intelligence and Computer”. I worked in University Aveiro (6 years) and  PT Innovation (7 years) before I went to Bi-Bright. My role here is Product Owner on several products.

Feedback canvas: how and why should we use it?

Feedback canvas, introduced by Haddad in 2013, is a promising tool for enhancing organization and quality of feedback in a wide range of scenarios. This communication is focused on what this tool is and some case studies where there are evidences of the usefulness and richness of this tool.