Ricardo Tomé

My career started in 2003 and I have been performing roles mainly as Lean\Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Programme\Project Manager.

I have been an enthusiastic Lean and Agile practitioner since 2006. Since 2012, I have been helping several clients in the UK in their Lean and Agile journey.

I feel passion about helping organizations and teams to deliver products customers really need\want. My main goal is to achieve the right balance between inspiring people and providing them with pragmatic techniques to deliver value.

I delivered critical and complex products mostly for clients in finance, government, healthcare, telecommunications and aviation.

In a nutshell, I am a passionate leader by example with a strong track record of delivery in both small and big organizations.

Business Engagement in the Real Life
Big organizations tend to have business and IT as separate entities. Building the bridged between them and drive innovation is an intensive journey.
This talk elaborates about:
– What are the key elements to consider when business and IT must start working together in a more Agile fashion (including examples from big worldwide companies in the finance spectrum);
– The gap between being a “traditional” Product Owner and a Disruptive Innovator in a big organization.